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At Victory Paving, we make it our top priority to satisfy homeowners, business owners, and property managers in Jurupa Valley when it comes to asphalt paving. As a premier asphalt paving contractor in Jurupa Valley, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide high-caliber asphalt paving solutions that go above and beyond your expectations.

We recognize that Jurupa Valley is more than a residential area or place to conduct business - it's a vibrant community with popular attractions such as the Santa Ana River Trail and quality education like Riverside Community College. Our crew takes pride in being part of this energetic city that provides value without sacrificing quality.

Our qualified team is prepared to bring that same commitment to value and quality to your asphalt paving jobs. Whether you require a new driveway at your home, a parking area for your business, or large-scale roadwork, Victory Paving is the trusted option for all your asphalt paving requirements in Jurupa Valley. Allow us to help pave the way to a superior, smoother future.

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Jurupa Valley Commercial Asphalt Paving 

Commercial asphalt paving is an optimal choice for Jurupa Valley businesses, providing durability, affordability, and visual appeal. With its capacity to endure heavy traffic and extreme weather, asphalt creates a long-lasting and safe surface for pedestrians and vehicles.

A major plus of opting for asphalt for your commercial parking area is its cost-efficiency. Compared to materials like concrete, asphalt is more budget-friendly to install and maintain. Moreover, the speedy installation process reduces disruptions to your operations, ensuring your parking lot is usable faster. Overall, commercial asphalt paving gives businesses a dependable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing solution for their parking areas.

Benefits of Asphalt for Your Parking Lot

Durability: Asphalt is known for its exceptional durability, making it a prime choice for your parking lot. The composition of asphalt with aggregates, binder, and filler produces a sturdy, resilient surface that can handle heavy traffic. The flexibility of asphalt distributes vehicle weight efficiently, reducing cracks and potholes. This durability results in a long-lasting parking lot needing minimal maintenance, saving you time and money.

Cost-Efficiency: Another major benefit of asphalt is its cost-efficiency. Compared to materials such as concrete, asphalt is typically more affordable to install and maintain. The faster asphalt installation lowers labor expenses and business disruptions.

Sustainability: Asphalt has environmental sustainability advantages, making it an eco-friendly parking lot option. Asphalt can be recycled and reused in new projects, reducing the need for virgin materials and landfill waste.

Team spraying sealcoating on a parking lot

Do I Need a Permit to Install Asphalt in Jurupa Valley, CA?

The City of Jurupa Valley's Building ¬≠¬≠Department is responsible issuing permits, and conducting inspections for construction projects. However, your plans might need to be reviewed by the Planning Division before a permit can be issued.  

In general, you will need a permit when installing a new asphalt parking lot, driveway, or sidewalk. You will also need a permit if you are modifying the layout or size of an existing parking lot or driveway. For most modifications to existing driveways, parking lots, or sidewalks, you will need to submit plans to the Planning Division along with your permit application.

Additionally, if your asphalt project adjoins or impacts public right-of-way, you may need an Encroachment Permit from the city.

However, you do not need a permit for simply resurfacing or sealcoating existing asphalt surfaces, or for re-striping a parking lot in Jurupa Valley. Parking lot striping must still meet current ADA accessibility requirements though. The city has guidelines for ADA-compliant parking lot striping that we can provide.

Let us know if you need any help determining the specific permit requirements for an asphalt installation or modification project in Jurupa Valley. We are very familiar with the local building codes and can assist with the permit process.

Parkign lot in SoCal with new sealcoating

Does Victory Pave Residential Driveways in Jurupa Valley?

Yes, Victory Paving provides driveway paving services in Jurupa Valley. However, given our equipment size, we specialize in paving larger driveways. We have the expertise, experience, and capabilities to professionally pave driveways requiring it. Our team is committed to excellent workmanship and satisfaction, paving your driveway to the highest standards. Contact us to discuss your driveway paving needs - we're happy to help.

recycled asphalt being laid

Why Choose Victory for Your Next Asphalt Project?

For commercial asphalt paving and services in Jurupa Valley, Victory Paving is your trusted local contractor. With years of experience and skilled professionals, we pride ourselves on providing high-caliber solutions that surpass client expectations.

We understand the value of maintaining a safe, well-kept parking lot for your business. We prioritize meticulous work and premium craftsmanship on every project. Our objective is not just to meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

Choosing Victory Paving means customized, cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We collaborate closely with our clients, delivering personalized service and clear communication each step of the way. Our goal is creating durable parking lots that enhance your property's appeal and impress your customers.

Contact us today to review your paving needs and schedule a consultation. We're ready to address your asphalt requirements and provide exceptional service. For all your commercial asphalt paving needs, trust Victory Paving.

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